Friday, January 21, 2011

Back to work...

My time at home with the kids ran out and I officially returned to work this last Wednesday.  I was a little excited to get dressed up and be around adults all day, but it was definitely bitter sweet.  I managed to only call Debbie (babysitter) twice throughout the day, and of course, everything was going well.  I only worked Wednesday and Thursday, and luckily I think my kids knew that I wanted this transition to go smoothly, so they did their best! 

Addi was excited as ever to get to Debbie's house that first day!  She wanted to play with her friends so bad.  AJ slept 10 hours and 15 minutes the first night and 9 hours and 45 minutes the second night - he absolutely loves his mama :-).  Addi had a little harder time going the second day - she wanted me to stay and play with her.  But Debbie said she only cried for a few minutes after I left and then went off to the playroom as usual.

So, we're transitioning well so far and I really hope it continues.  Addi absolutely loves Debbie and I know AJ will too.  It's a little easier going back to work when you know your kids are being well taken care of loved unconditionally. 

I'm back in the grind, busy as ever, but liking the fast pace.  Aaron and I are learning to balance work, the kids, our house and ourselves and we're prepared to make adjustments as needed :-).