Friday, December 31, 2010

Go Dawgs!!

All I can say is, thank GOD the Huskies won their bowl game last night!  I was afraid if they didn't, my Husky-fanatic husband would go off the deep end :-).  While the tv station was cutting out during the middle of the game to air the college girl's basketball game (Stanford vs Connecticut) he was in a one-way verbal fight with the TV, and Addi was asking him, "daddy ok?"

But luckily the Huskies played an amazing game and came away with a win!  And so did the Sparks family because daddy was VERY happy!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A wonderful Christmas

Our trip to Wenatchee went by so fast, but we had a lot of fun!

Friday I went to my mom's and baked goodies while the kids played with the grandparents.  Friday night we headed to my sister's annual White Elephant party - crazy times!  It was good to see everyone and enjoy the craziness only a white elephant party can bring :-)  We made it out with house decorations, so I was happy!

Saturday morning we met up with everyone again, but this time at my dad's house up in the woods.  Tons of snow meant great sledding for Addi and a few snowball fights for the adults!  Addi and AJ were spoiled with great gifts (Aaron and I too)!

Saturday night we had a relaxing Christmas with Aaron's family - a great prime rib dinner followed by a drive to look at Christmas lights and then presents galore!  Every present that Addi opened was her favorite and she would scream that she loved it - it was so cute!  Oh I forgot to mention - Addi put out a cookie, carrot and milk for Santa and his reindeer Friday night and was thrilled to see it all gone Saturday morning - I can't wait to continue this tradition!

We finished our Christmas weekend by going to my parent's house on Sunday morning for a yummy breakfast and even more gifts - I didn't think it was possible to stuff the car with more gifts, but we managed!

We had a great Christmas weekend and feel blessed to have such a wonderful family!

AJ 2 month update:  The big man weighs 11.6 pounds and is 22.5 inches long - healthy and growing!

Monday, December 20, 2010

A week without Addison :-(

Addison spent a week away recently to enjoy some special time with her grandparents.  Her first 3 days were spent with her Mama Trish and Papa Jack (my mom and stepdad) in Wenatchee.  She baked, ran around the house, visited Granny, went to her cousin McKade's basketball game and so much more!  She then ventured off to Sequim with Mama and Papa Sparks (Aaron's parents) to celebrate an early Christmas.  She spent lots of time with her cousins and extended family - whenever we'd call, she was too busy playing with all of them and didn't want to chat with her boring parents :-).  And boy did she and AJ get lots of presents!!

It was a special time, but Aaron and I really missed her and we were so excited to see her today!  She was even more excited to see her baby brother though - he received lots of kisses :-).

We're gearing up for a fun-filled holiday weekend in Wenatchee - it's always a special time with family and will even be more special with little AJ to enjoy it with us this year!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Welcome to the Sparks Family

I've enjoyed viewing friend's blogs for some time now and realized that I would like to blog about my family too!  What a great way to share our family memories with everyone we care about!  And although I've been using Facebook for quite awhile to share mini stories, this blog will allow me to share quite a bit more for those truly wanting to know :-)  So here's to our new blog - pictures and stories to come in just a few!