Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Time to catch up!

How horrible is it that I haven't blogged since June?  Can I blame it on life passing us by?  I hope so! 

So much life has happened since then...

I was lucky enough to go on two girl's trips.  The first was to Palm Springs and we had an amazing time!  These girls are so special to me and we always have such a special time.  My other trip was to Ellensburg for a mini college reunion - we had a fabulous time reminiscing and laughing so hard it hurt!  Love these girls!

We enjoyed our annual trip to Banks Lake with the family - lots of boating and basking in the sun!

Cara and Jared's wedding in Sequim was beyond beautiful!  Both kids were asked to be in the wedding and we had a wonderful time seeing the family and celebrating with everyone!

We headed to Chelan for a fun weekend with friends - the kids had a blast and the parents did as well!

Addi joined her first year of soccer and had a good time!

AJ started preschool and Addi started 1st grade!  The kids are both in their routines and love going every day.  They are learning so much!

Halloween was a lot of fun this year - AJ really caught on to the whole candy thing and was in heaven!

Aaron and I celebrated our birthdays - our mid-thirties are treating us well!

AJ turned 4 - where has the time gone?  This kid has a smile that will melt your heart and then a smirk that tells you he's up to no good - haha!!  He keeps our hearts full and our ears perked!

That's the shortest recap of 5 months I hope I ever have to do!!  Here's some more pics just for fun!