Friday, September 23, 2011

12 week weightloss update...

Today marks 12 weeks since I began my weightloss challenge.  I can't believe 12 weeks has gone by so quickly!

The scale today showed a total of 16.8 pounds lost!  I'm still ahead of the game for my goal, but it's been hard, especially with camping trips, a weekend home alone with Aaron and my birthday.  My work outs are staying strong, but the eating gets tough when there's events. 

Overall though, the weight is slowly coming off and I feel so much better about myself!  People are starting to notice a difference and I'm having to buy new clothes :-).

There's only 5 more weeks left of the challenge and my 10K is in 2 weeks.  My first goal was to lose 20 pounds in this 17 week challenge, but my newest goal is to reach 25 - wish me luck!  I just realized as I wrote this that I will need to lose another 8.2 pounds to make this possible - AHH! 

Also, I need to give a BIG THANK YOU to Aaron for supporting me through all of this!  He's had to put up with me counting calories at every meal, having to adjust everyone's calendars so I can find time to run, listening to me complain if the scale isn't cooperating, and SO much more.  Thanks babe - I love you!  And thanks to my friends too, who've motivated me and supported me - I know I get annoying talking about this all of the time, but you've all truly helped me along the way :-).

Next update coming in 4 weeks!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Fair, Beer Olympics, Prayers and lots of walking!

It's been a busy end of the summer, but I knew I needed to stop for a brief moment and give updates!

At the end of August, Addi and I were able to take some time out to go to the Benton Franklin Fair!  I've loved going to fairs my entire life, so I was so excited to take her.  AJ stayed home with Aaron because it was just too dang hot for him.  We had fun eating, looking at animals and getting some sun!  Addi even got to ride on a horse!

For the Labor Day weekend, us and a bunch of Aaron's family headed to Alta Lake.  Aaron was able to golf all weekend (he was in heaven), Addi and I went to the waterslides in Chelan (all she wanted to do was play in the shallow pool), and we visited with family.  AJ was able to show off his walking skills and Addi was quite the social butterfly with the hotel neighbors.  We had a great time!

Just last weekend, Aaron's parents came down and took us out for a VERY nice dinner and drinks (thanks to me turning 31)! Then they watched the kids on Saturday while we went to the "Beer Olympics."  It's an all-day event that includes golfing, basketball, horseshoes, ladder ball and LOTS of other sporting games, and of course beer :-).  Your country (ours was Mexico) is scored for every event and at the end, there is an awards ceremony.  This was our third year and we got Silver.  In three years we've participated, we've gotten Gold once and Silver twice.  This is all thanks to Aaron though - he's very athletic :-)  I do have to say though, I did sink a 20 foot putt on the last hole during golf to help us win the entire golf event!

Addi is doing great at preschool.  It was tough the first week, but now her and Aaron have their morning routine down to a science and she eagerly waves goodbye to him from the preschool window and runs off to play with her friends and teachers.  I wanted to post a video of her showing us her new prayer, but it isn't letting me, so it's coming soon!

AJ is a non-stop, walking machine.  And I should also say that he will put EVERYTHING in his mouth!  Someone said to me the other day that I didn't need to work out, my work out is chasing him around the house.  He is constantly on the go and constantly putting things in his mounth.  AHHHH - will he ever slow down??!!!  I also wanted to post a video here, but again, it's coming soon!  So instead, here's a picture of him showing off his climbing skills.

Things are busy, but great!