Friday, September 23, 2011

12 week weightloss update...

Today marks 12 weeks since I began my weightloss challenge.  I can't believe 12 weeks has gone by so quickly!

The scale today showed a total of 16.8 pounds lost!  I'm still ahead of the game for my goal, but it's been hard, especially with camping trips, a weekend home alone with Aaron and my birthday.  My work outs are staying strong, but the eating gets tough when there's events. 

Overall though, the weight is slowly coming off and I feel so much better about myself!  People are starting to notice a difference and I'm having to buy new clothes :-).

There's only 5 more weeks left of the challenge and my 10K is in 2 weeks.  My first goal was to lose 20 pounds in this 17 week challenge, but my newest goal is to reach 25 - wish me luck!  I just realized as I wrote this that I will need to lose another 8.2 pounds to make this possible - AHH! 

Also, I need to give a BIG THANK YOU to Aaron for supporting me through all of this!  He's had to put up with me counting calories at every meal, having to adjust everyone's calendars so I can find time to run, listening to me complain if the scale isn't cooperating, and SO much more.  Thanks babe - I love you!  And thanks to my friends too, who've motivated me and supported me - I know I get annoying talking about this all of the time, but you've all truly helped me along the way :-).

Next update coming in 4 weeks!

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Kim @ The Gab said...

Yeah Jenny! You are doing so great (especially for a 31 year old!) hehe.
I wish we both weren't so busy. It would be fun to see each other soon.
Good luck with your 10k!