Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Those Sparks' sure are busy

I wish I was better at blogging, then I wouldn't have to cram our entire lives into one post.  BUT, here it goes:

Back in June my two nieces graduated high school!  Kelsee from Eastmont and Katie from Richland - way to go girls!!  It takes me back to my high school days and the scary, but wonderful feeling of what lies ahead.  Oh, and it makes me feel REALLY old!  It's hard to believe that Aaron and I met not too long after I graduated - time flies!

I ran in a 5K with one of my besties Karissa and had a personal record (she pushed me hard).  My mother-in-law walked the 10K and did amazing!  It was a perfect run, followed by coffee and a great conversation.

Relay for Life 5K!

We celebrated Father's Day with Aaron!  It was a quiet event, but that's what he wanted.  Addi made him a few neat things from St. Joe's and we made a great dinner together that night.  He's a great dad to the kids and you can see in their faces that they love him so much!

We took our first week long vacation with the kiddos, which also included family and friends.  Chelan was our destination of choice and it was such a blast!  We played in the water, ate great meals, went out on the boat and overall, just had a great time.  It was nice spending time with my dad, stepmom, sisters, brother and friends - hopefully this camping trip will become an annual event! 

The little ones in Chelan!
Great times with great friends!
The vacation ended even better with my brother, Nathan's wedding to Amber - they were so cute and you could tell they absolutely adored each other.  I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid, so I got to enjoy all the festivities weddings have to offer! 

Congrats Nathan!

Next up was the much anticipated triathlon!  I wasn't even sure I was going to participate because I ended up in the clinic with a migraine the Friday before, but I did it and had an amazing support system!  Aaron was awesome - he was there through the migraine, the prep and the entire race, cheering me on - thanks honey!  Karissa was another great supporter - she ran the 10K the same weekend and had her own personal record, then was on board as my cheerleader!  My dear friend Lacey, who was also participating in the triathlon, was a real trooper and decided last minute to do the event with me - she could tell I was stressed!!  She stayed by my side through the whole thing and we crossed the finish line together!  I love you Lacey - you are a great friend!

Next we were off to Sequim for the annual Priesto golf tournament!  Our kids were in Wenatchee the week prior (yes, we had a week to ourselves!), so it was so good to see them in Sequim.  They are the most independent kids out there - luckily for them, they have grandparents that shower them with enourmous amounts of love and quality time!  We did well in the Priesto and had a great time visiting family - we only wished we lived closer, so it happened more often.

Cousin Love!

Visiting the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim!

Driving Papa's boat!

AJ had his 1.5 year check-up (a little late) and got a clean bill of health! He is talking up a storm - of course his favorite word is still no, but now he says cracker, milk, water, daddy, mommy, sissy, grandma, mama, papa, dog, boat, candy and so much more!! I can't believe he is almost 2!

Addi had her 4 year shots (a little late as well) and you would have thought she was dying - poor thing!  She's been taking at least 3 field trips a week at St. Joe's - lucky for her she has her dad's genes because she is one tanned little girl!  Her second year of preschool starts in about 3 weeks and she's very excited.
Enjoying a nice bowl of popcorn!

As you can tell, we are all very busy!  Maybe things will settle down once the fall hits??  I doubt it!