Friday, April 4, 2014

Fun times in February!

Our February was full of fun!

Superbowl – yay!!  After a long season of mostly last minute wins and a few losses, it was so nice to watch a game where we dominated the entire time.  It seemed surreal!  It was also nice seeing how the entire state bonded over this game – strangers were becoming fast friends!

Miss Addison Sparks turned 6 – holy cow, where has the time gone?  Her actual birthday landed on a Friday and unfortunately school was canceled that day so she was stuck home with me and her brother (I work every other Friday).  We made it fun though – we had a nice lunch, stopped at the park and went to visit the pot belly pigs and puppies at a local feed store (our friends own it).  That evening, family came in from out of town and we all went to dinner and opened gifts – she was thrilled with all of her clothes and doll accessories!

The next day her Grandma Sparks treated her to a day at the salon – she got an updo, her makeup done and her nails painted – she looked adorable!  She decided to have her party at the arcade again this year and we had a packed house – I think everyone had a good time!

Aaron and I were able to spend some alone time with AJ one night while Addi went to a sleepover.  We took him to Red Robin for dinner and then out to a hockey game.  He wasn’t too interested in the hockey game, but loved the giant tub of popcorn he got to devour mid-way through.  It was nice spending some one-on-one time with him – he’s the most active kid that loves giving kisses and hugs (especially when he wants something – haha!).

It was a fun February and I can’t believe we’re already mid-way through March!  The weather is warming up and we’re venturing outside more and more!