Friday, February 24, 2012


Popcorn has become a staple around our house.  I've never been a huge popcorn fan and since I do the majority of the grocery shopping, the stuff just hasn't made it onto our shelves over the years.  We ended up getting a "movie pack" for Christmas and in it was popcorn, so one night Aaron made a bowl and what do you know?  The kids LOVED it!  I'm even enjoying a few handfulls here and there.  Aaron does a nice combination of white cheddar seasoning with spray butter and it's pretty tasty. 

It's been fun making a bowl at night and watching the kids come running - it's becoming tradition :-)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birthday festivities and some other fun too

Addison's 4th birthday is officially over and it's safe to say, she had a lot of fun!  Her first party was held in Wenatchee with family and of course we had a horse theme.  Her cake had a picture of her riding Casey - she loved it!  Aaron and I bought her pink cowgirl boots to go with her pink cowgirl hat, so she was set for the party.  She received her first pet - a Beta fish she calls Wolfey.  The giant moose is her bedtime friend now.  There were lots of clothes, toys and horse themed items!

We celebrated her actual birthday by going to a mexican restaurant - she loves tacos and we thought she'd get a kick out of the singing and wearing a sombrero.  We were wrong - she wouldn't wear the hat and hid her face while the sang.  She enjoyed the food though, and we found out AJ loves refried beans! 

She thinks her cross came from Jesus :-)

New suit and Toms!
 Her final birthday party was at our house with our friends and their kids.  It was pure chaos for 2 hours, but the kids enjoyed running around, playing with toys, playing outside, eating cake and ice cream and opening presents!

Here's some other fun times...

Valentine's Day at preschool

First time eating spaghetti

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The moose

Just a quick picture of one of the many birthday gifts Addi has received so far on her 4th birthday journey!  More to come once ALL of her parties are over :-).  Thanks Aunt Amber, Uncle Nathan and Aunt Christy!