Saturday, November 9, 2013

October came and went

October was yet, another busy month for us!
Date night!!  Aaron and I were able to get away for a  few hours for some drinks and dinner – it’s always nice to slow down and catch up without any distractions.  Love this man and our date nights!
We might have a tradition on our hands – we made it out to the Country Mercantile with the Stirlings for the second year in a row.  The kids had a blast riding on trains, planes and roller coasters, seeing the animals, climbing straw mountains and even getting lost in a corn maze.  We finished the outing with a tractor ride to get a few pumpkins and had some lunch too!

The second weekend of the month Aaron headed out to hunt with his dad and brother – although no deer were “caught”, as I used to say, the guys had a good time!  Aaron’s excited that in a few years he’ll be able to take Addison – let’s see if she has it in her J.  While the guys hunted, the rest of us were kept busy with a fun-filled weekend with the grandmas.  First off  - my first toddler sleepover at my house with one of Addi’s friends.  Lots of running and screaming, but even more fun!  The next day was my 3rd 10K and the kid’s 1st one mile run – the 10K was a success and overall the mile was too, but the kids got a bit tired and cranky.  That night we all went to the movies (Gwen was visiting for the weekend and my mom joined us) and then dinner.  The movie was hilarious and kept AJ’s attention the entire time – yay!  And then it was craft time after that!

Fast forward to the third weekend and I headed out of town to Wenatchee by myself to visit with family and partake in the annual college girl’s weekend!  My sisters and I started the day off with a gorgeous hike up Saddle Rock – the view is just amazing at the top!  It’s always nice talking with my sisters – no fuss, no muss – just sisterly love and lots of laughing J.  Then I met up with an old high school friend for lunch – we haven’t seen each other in years, but that didn’t matter, it was like we’d never been apart!  Afterwards I met back up with my sisters and we went and had a quick drink with my dad and stepmom before all heading to dinner and meeting up with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law – lots of family!!!  We all took turns holding Avery, the new little baby addition to the family – she’s so stinkin cute!

The college girl’s weekend was spent catching up with friends – we hiked, spent hours talking, played with the new baby additions (Noah and Hadley) and laughed till we cried.  We headed to Oktoberfest in Leavenworth Saturday afternoon and the evening didn’t disappoint – we just have such a good time together.  Can’t wait for next year!

The last weekend in October was super busy.  AJ’s birthday party was so much fun - I think there were 13 kids running around!  Thanks to Pinterest I had a lot of fun with the food this year – probably too much fun.  I may need to layoff the website for awhile – it was starting to become stressful!  We had family come in from out of town too – I guess AJ is a pretty special kid J.  The parties didn’t stop there though.  That night we threw a mini surprise party for Aaron – Seahawks themed of course.  After a delicious dinner of steaks and more cake, we crashed big time that night!  I’ve said this before, but AJ’s birthday seems to overshadow Aaron’s, but he’s a very good sport about the whole thing.  Happy Birthday to my boys!!

Halloween was spent trick-or-treating at my work, followed by a jaunt around the neighborhood.  This was the first year that AJ really understood what was going on and he loved it!  Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures from that day, but I can guarantee there were lots of candy and smiles!

We’re already into November and things have slowed down a bit – phew J