Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Conversations with Addison

This girl cracks me up...

#1:  Last weekend we got the kids packed up to go to the local splash park, but first we needed to run into Costco to grab a few things.  While there, Addison decided to be quite the crying brat, for no good reason, so we told her that the splash park was no longer in her future.  When we got home from Costco, we told her to go to her room and think about how she acted and to come out when she was ready to talk about it.  After about 5 minutes she came out...
Addi says to Aaron:  Dad, I thinked.
Aaron: Oh good Addi.  What did you think about?
Addi:  I still want to go to the splash park.

Luckily I was behind the kitchen wall, otherwise Addi would have seen a huge smile on my face - I wanted to laugh out loud!  Needless to say, she did apologize and we did make it to the splash park :-)

#2:  Last night I took the kids on a walk to the park.  On the way there, Addison saw my shadow, then had a few not-so-nice things to say about me.
Addi:  Mom, you have big legs.
Me:  Oh, ok.
Addi:  And you walk like a crab.
Me:  I hope you realize that wasn't a compliment.

My family got a kick out of this one - I guess Addison is already noticing my Smelser thighs :-).  She better hope she gets Aaron's genes!!

Here's a few recent pics to enjoy!  Next up - graduation and a 5K!