Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY Table

Aaron and I have had the table below since we moved into together back in 2003.  It was handed down to us by his parents. 

We've been using it as our informal dining room table at our current house, but it didn't really match anything else we had.  I thought about buying something new, but I wanted this to be the table we ate at every night and that the kids could do their homework (down the road) or crafts on and if the table was new, I'd be stressed about denting or scraping it all the time.  Then I came across this awseome picture on Pinterest and after reading the directions, thought it was a great idea for our existing table!

So, without going into massive details, here's a quick recap of what Aaron and I did to create our new informal dining room table!

We sanded the legs, then painted them ivory

We sanded the top of the table

We applied a stencil using the same color as we used for the legs

Very time consuming!!!

We stained over the stencil with a dark colored stain, as well as stained the seats of the chairs.  We also painted the legs and back of the chairs ivory.

Added a coat of polyurethane and tada!!!!
We love it!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A few funny conversations

Addi asked me if she could have the change I received from the store clerk.  I handed her a few pennies.
Addi:  What are these?
Me:  Pennies
Addi:  JC Pennies?
Me: Um, no, but that was pretty funny.
I went on to explain to her the difference between monetary pennies and JCPenney's the retail store.

I recently came across a practically free decent quality television, so I set it up in Addi's room so her and AJ could watch movies (I know, I know, she's probably too young, but go with it).  While FaceTiming (sp?) with her grandpa I heard her tell him that she got a new tv, but that it's fake.  I jumped into the conversation to ask why she thought it was fake and she explained that it was because it didn't play regular shows, just movies.  I thought this was hilarious!

That's all I got... Have a good week!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter Chase

Wenatchee was our destination for this year's Easter festivities.  Saturday we went to the mall with my mom to visit the good ol' Easter bunny - Addi loved it, but AJ was content smiling from the sideline. Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures with my own camera and I guess I'm lame because I wasn't about to pay an arm and a leg for a measly 5x7!  We finished the morning off running errands with my mom and then playing at my parents house - the kids are still obsessed with their 4 dogs!  That night we decorated easter eggs - such a mess, but lots of fun!

On Sunday Addi left early for church with Aaron and his dad so they could usher.  She loves doing this! 

Unfortunately the highlight of the church service wasn't the sermon, but rather AJ taking off in a dead sprint throughout the room, completely interupting the service!  I couldn't catch him as he ran between the rows with a big smile on his face.  At one point the pastor said to the crowd, "I was thinking he had an announcement to make."  Everyone laughed, but I was beat red with embarassment!  Once I caught up to him, we headed straight out the doors.  He thought he was so funny!  So funny, in fact, he got a woman's attention in the foyer and yelled, "Happy Easter Poopy Pants!" 

Breath Jenny, just breath...

After calming down from that incident we enjoyed a nice Easter lunch up at Aaron's parents house, as well as an Easter egg hunt.  I'm not sure how smart it is to give kids plastic eggs full of candy and expect them to eat only a few pieces :-).  Of course we were all spoiled by the Easter bunny this year with lots of goodies - that darn Easter Bunny goes above and beyond each year!

One quick recap - my sister's fiance, Cam, was kind enough to let the kids tour the fire house a few weeks ago (he's a fireman).  They loved it!!  Thanks Cam!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hola mi amigas!

Aaron and I, and our good friends Andy and Jill, recently treated ourselves to a Mexican vacation in Cabo!  We had such a great time relaxing by the pool, enjoying cocktails, trying out new foods and just enjoying ourselves.  Our gracious parents took the kids for us and treated them to their own vacation of sweets, mulitple visits to the park, staying up late and basically doing whatever they wanted to while we were away - the kids even cried when they left Wenatchee :-(.  We are very fortunate to have parents that love our kids unconditionally and enjoy taking them while Aaron and I get some adult time!

We stayed at the Riu Santa Fe in Cabo, an all inclusive resort that is beautiful!  And HUGE!  There were so many buildings, pools, places to eat and bars!  Our typical day consisted of waking up and venturing down to the breakfast buffet (2 days Jill and I got up early and went for walks - that was nice), come back to the room and put our swim stuff on, head to the pool and stay there until about 3, then head back to the room for naps and to get ready for dinner.  We'd meet back up in the evening for dinner, whether that was at the resort or in town, and then we'd head in to town to check out some of the local bars/sites.  One night we went on a boat cruise - that was an experience (I got sea sick), but worth it!  It was a great vacation with great friends!!

We just had such a relaxing time with Andy and Jill - they have a child too, so when the talks shifted to kids more often than not, everyone was on the same page.  We missed the little ones, but really enjoyed the relaxation.  Till next time... adios :-)

Friday, April 5, 2013

The never ending cartwheel

Addison joined gymnastics awhile back and has just thrived - I think she found her niche!  She even asked us if we could install gymnastics bars in the house so she can practice!

She recently was asked to move up to a more advanced class and we couldn't be more proud of our little gymnast!  Her determination to perfect all of the moves is so neat to watch.  It reminded us of her determination to master hoola hooping.  After watching youtube videos for days, she put her mind to it and soon was teaching herself fancy tricks. 

Her latest hurdle was perfecting the cartwheel.  She practiced and practiced, but couldn't master it.  So, we searched on youtube until we found the perfect video taught by an actual gymnastics instructor.  She watched it over and over again and wouldn't you know it, within a day, she had it down - nice work Addi!

But now there's no end to cartwheels.  If you ask her to go grab her shirt, she'll cartwheel the whole way there.  She's constantly cartwheeling into people, objects, etc.  Love the determination, but come on :-)!!

Never thought I'd be taking away the ability to cartwheel as a punishment - haha!!