Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter Chase

Wenatchee was our destination for this year's Easter festivities.  Saturday we went to the mall with my mom to visit the good ol' Easter bunny - Addi loved it, but AJ was content smiling from the sideline. Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures with my own camera and I guess I'm lame because I wasn't about to pay an arm and a leg for a measly 5x7!  We finished the morning off running errands with my mom and then playing at my parents house - the kids are still obsessed with their 4 dogs!  That night we decorated easter eggs - such a mess, but lots of fun!

On Sunday Addi left early for church with Aaron and his dad so they could usher.  She loves doing this! 

Unfortunately the highlight of the church service wasn't the sermon, but rather AJ taking off in a dead sprint throughout the room, completely interupting the service!  I couldn't catch him as he ran between the rows with a big smile on his face.  At one point the pastor said to the crowd, "I was thinking he had an announcement to make."  Everyone laughed, but I was beat red with embarassment!  Once I caught up to him, we headed straight out the doors.  He thought he was so funny!  So funny, in fact, he got a woman's attention in the foyer and yelled, "Happy Easter Poopy Pants!" 

Breath Jenny, just breath...

After calming down from that incident we enjoyed a nice Easter lunch up at Aaron's parents house, as well as an Easter egg hunt.  I'm not sure how smart it is to give kids plastic eggs full of candy and expect them to eat only a few pieces :-).  Of course we were all spoiled by the Easter bunny this year with lots of goodies - that darn Easter Bunny goes above and beyond each year!

One quick recap - my sister's fiance, Cam, was kind enough to let the kids tour the fire house a few weeks ago (he's a fireman).  They loved it!!  Thanks Cam!

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