Friday, April 5, 2013

The never ending cartwheel

Addison joined gymnastics awhile back and has just thrived - I think she found her niche!  She even asked us if we could install gymnastics bars in the house so she can practice!

She recently was asked to move up to a more advanced class and we couldn't be more proud of our little gymnast!  Her determination to perfect all of the moves is so neat to watch.  It reminded us of her determination to master hoola hooping.  After watching youtube videos for days, she put her mind to it and soon was teaching herself fancy tricks. 

Her latest hurdle was perfecting the cartwheel.  She practiced and practiced, but couldn't master it.  So, we searched on youtube until we found the perfect video taught by an actual gymnastics instructor.  She watched it over and over again and wouldn't you know it, within a day, she had it down - nice work Addi!

But now there's no end to cartwheels.  If you ask her to go grab her shirt, she'll cartwheel the whole way there.  She's constantly cartwheeling into people, objects, etc.  Love the determination, but come on :-)!!

Never thought I'd be taking away the ability to cartwheel as a punishment - haha!!

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