Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Look who turned 5!

Wow, we can't believe our baby girl is already 5!  She had quite the list of gift suggestions and with the exception of a tv (come on, right?), she got everything on the list and way more!

Celebration #1 - We planned to get her ears pierced on ther actual birthday, but one week prior she talked me into taking her!  Luckily, the staff pierced her ears at the same time - she put up a good front, but she was scared :-(
Celebration #2 - On her birthday we brought cupcakes to her class, then that night for dinner we ate a heart-shaped pizza and she opened a few gifts! 
Celebration #3 - The following weekend she got to go to the salon to get pampered before heading to her HUGE party at an arcade with all of her friends and a few family!
Celebration #4 - More family came into town and we had a birthday lunch with a mini cake just for her (sorry, fogot to take pics)!  She was very sweet and offered to share her mini cake with everyone else, all 13 of us :-)

We plan on doing another birthday video - coming soon!!

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