Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A few funny conversations

Addi asked me if she could have the change I received from the store clerk.  I handed her a few pennies.
Addi:  What are these?
Me:  Pennies
Addi:  JC Pennies?
Me: Um, no, but that was pretty funny.
I went on to explain to her the difference between monetary pennies and JCPenney's the retail store.

I recently came across a practically free decent quality television, so I set it up in Addi's room so her and AJ could watch movies (I know, I know, she's probably too young, but go with it).  While FaceTiming (sp?) with her grandpa I heard her tell him that she got a new tv, but that it's fake.  I jumped into the conversation to ask why she thought it was fake and she explained that it was because it didn't play regular shows, just movies.  I thought this was hilarious!

That's all I got... Have a good week!

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Sasha said...

HA. I love these conversations! Instead of saying "tonight" Madelyn is hooked on saying "today night" - (after explaining it's 2-night, she just looked at me and said "that doesn't make sense Mom")

Your Family is gorgeous!