Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY Table

Aaron and I have had the table below since we moved into together back in 2003.  It was handed down to us by his parents. 

We've been using it as our informal dining room table at our current house, but it didn't really match anything else we had.  I thought about buying something new, but I wanted this to be the table we ate at every night and that the kids could do their homework (down the road) or crafts on and if the table was new, I'd be stressed about denting or scraping it all the time.  Then I came across this awseome picture on Pinterest and after reading the directions, thought it was a great idea for our existing table!

So, without going into massive details, here's a quick recap of what Aaron and I did to create our new informal dining room table!

We sanded the legs, then painted them ivory

We sanded the top of the table

We applied a stencil using the same color as we used for the legs

Very time consuming!!!

We stained over the stencil with a dark colored stain, as well as stained the seats of the chairs.  We also painted the legs and back of the chairs ivory.

Added a coat of polyurethane and tada!!!!
We love it!

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Coni S. said...

That looks great Jenny! I love it!