Thursday, May 16, 2013

Family Trip to Arizona

We boarded a plane with the kids a few months ago and headed to Oro Valley, AZ for some fun in the sun with Aaron's parents!  I had my reservations about how the kids would do on the plane, but they did awesome!  They were entertained with the iPad, snacks and everything going on around them.  Arizona was so much fun - besides swimming every day, we went to the movies, played games in the condo, went to the Children's museum in Tuscon, and watched movies.  The guys golfed a few times and Gwen and I did a little shopping too.  The last night, Aaron and I were able to sneak away for a drink on our own - Happy 8th Anniversary to us!  The kids were in heaven the whole time - we would love to do it again next year!

The way home was a bit of a zoo and that's an understatement!  Bob and I and the kids set out for the Phoenix airport on the last day at 4:00 a.m. (Gwen and Aaron stayed behind for a work retreat).  Things were good until we tried to go through security.  Stupid me thought it was a good idea to carry on EVERYTHING, and I mean everything.  As I was trying to load up all of the stuff to go through security, AJ made a break for it.  He conveniently fits perfectly under the airport security barriers.  He got pretty far and then a couple cops called out over the PA system that there was a breach in security - they brought him back and believe it or not, he was smiling.  I could have died from embarrassment!  The cops told him he'd go to jail if he did it again - that didn't phase him one bit, but Addison was scared to death!! 

Again, the kids did great on the plane rides back - they really enjoy flying!

It was a great trip, even relaxing - the kids still talk about the pools and the plane!

Sorry, some of these pics are a bit distorted!

First night out!

Loving the pool!

Attempt at a family portrait!

Aaron's parents!

First game of Uno!

Daily walk to the pool!

Addi's night time story telling in the dark!

Giant movie popcorn!

Playing dr. at the Children's Museum

AJ's favorite toy at the museum!

Date night!

All of our carry-on items!

Sleeping on the plane ride home

One last pic of pool time fun!

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