Monday, December 20, 2010

A week without Addison :-(

Addison spent a week away recently to enjoy some special time with her grandparents.  Her first 3 days were spent with her Mama Trish and Papa Jack (my mom and stepdad) in Wenatchee.  She baked, ran around the house, visited Granny, went to her cousin McKade's basketball game and so much more!  She then ventured off to Sequim with Mama and Papa Sparks (Aaron's parents) to celebrate an early Christmas.  She spent lots of time with her cousins and extended family - whenever we'd call, she was too busy playing with all of them and didn't want to chat with her boring parents :-).  And boy did she and AJ get lots of presents!!

It was a special time, but Aaron and I really missed her and we were so excited to see her today!  She was even more excited to see her baby brother though - he received lots of kisses :-).

We're gearing up for a fun-filled holiday weekend in Wenatchee - it's always a special time with family and will even be more special with little AJ to enjoy it with us this year!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!


zkgormley said...

Awesome Jenny! I will enjoy reading about you and your kids. I've linked your blog to mine so I can see when you post something new. I loved that picture you sent with Addison all dressed crazy...too funny. I'll email you more when I get a few minutes. xoxo

Dorindia said...

Thanks Jenny for sharing with me. I love the pictures! Such fun to hear about the little ones...oh how I miss those days! Hope your family has a great holiday season!!

Rindi and Roddy