Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why we find them so darn cute

I thought it would be a good idea to list a few of the things our kids do that make us smile/irritated :-), starting with little AJ:
  • When he smiles, it appears he's flirting
  • He gets so angry when he's hungry, you'd think we were starving the chunky monkey
  • He talks to himself
  • He thinks his sister dancing in front of him is entertaining
  • He'll cry until you walk up to him, then he'll smile
  • He'll roll over at daycare, but not for us
  • He's ticklish like his daddy and sister
  • He puts everything in his mouth
  • He loves to put the blanket over his face and then wiggle his arms around
Now on to miss Addi:
  • She loves her "giant bebe" (and this toy baby really does look like a giant)
  • She loves to dance to R&B music
  • She has to sleep with every possible toy in bed with her
  • She only wants to brush her teeth with water, toothpaste is icky and hurts her belly
  • She wants to do everything "all by myself"
  • She loves turkey hot dogs
  • Her favorite color is yellow
  • She lays out her clothes every night for the following day
  • She loves calling people, but won't talk once they answer
Wow, I could go on and on, but for this point in time... this should do!  Hope you enjoy!

**Update - the day after I wrote this, AJ rolled over twice for us!!


zkgormley said...

Love all your thoughts about your kids. They have great little personalities already! Who do you think AJ is more like-Aaron or you? Or a combo of both? Your AZ trip looked like so much fun...can't wait for our trip.

Sparks Family said...

It's hard to guess who AJ will be like because from experience with Addi, she is nothing like she was as a baby. She was a calm baby and a crazy toddler :-). AJ is definitely not as calm as she was, so maybe he'll be a calm toddler??

How about Graham - what are your thoughts?

zkgormley said...

Since I have no experience with another child I'm curious with how he'll turn out. For now I think he's a good mixture of both of us. He's definitely got an opinion about me :)

Rebecca said...

Yeah! She loves turkey hot dogs!!