Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day weekend festivities

We had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!  Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to Seattle to go to the zoo - Addi has been so excited to see all the animals!  She even asked if the tiger was going to eat her :-).  Aaron's brother Pat and my sister Amanda met us there and together, we walked for 3 hours enjoying all the animals.  Addi and AJ did great the whole time.  Addi only had one minor tissy fit when she realized Aaron and I had ate the rest of her ice cream :-). 

After the zoo, we visited a good friend of ours and then headed to Pat's for the evening.  I crashed super early - even before the kids!

Sunday morning we dropped the kids off at Gail's (family friend) and had a jam-packed, but really fun day with Pat and his friend!  We went to the Pyramid Brewery, a Mariner's game, bowling, dinner at Claim Jumpers and then ended the evening at the fancy movie theater in Redmond.  We were exhausted, but truly enjoyed our adult time :-)

The kids had such a good time at Gail's.  She was so sad when we picked them up on Monday morning.  It was such a good feeling for Aaron and I to know our kids were well taken care of and loved - Addi talked about Auntie Gail and all their adventures the whole way home :-).

It was a wonderful weekend seeing family and friends - we are exhausted now as we get back into our routine, but it was more than worth it!

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zkgormley said...

I've tried leaving comments on other posts but it wouldn't let me. Stupid blogger! Thanks for letting us spend lunch with you for AJ's celebration. It was great to see you and meet AJ. Your Seattle trip looks like a lot of fun. Can't wait for ours!