Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Boys

Both of my boys had birthdays last month!  Aaron turned 32 and AJ turned 1.  Poor Aaron... with AJ's birthday so close to his, he didn't quite get the celebration he deserved.  BUT, we did make it to a very nice dinner in Prosser, along with wine tasting.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture, but we had a great time.  Aaron's dad's birthday is this month, so we decided to do their birthdays together over Thanksgiving.  It's later than usual for Aaron, but he's a trooper and doesn't mind.

AJ had the usual 2 birthday parties (it's become normal to do this, since we live away from our parents and most family).  His first was held in Wenatchee at Godfather's.  Many family members and friends packed in to the Halloween-themed party, and watched AJ NOT eat his custom cake (courtesy of Grandma Sparks).  Yes, that's right, the anticipated cake scene was a bust.  He didn't want it and kept trying to offer it to me.  Kind of funny, actually! Oh yeah, he was the cutest little golfer - I loved his costume!

His next party was at our house a week later and actually seemed more like Addi's party.  All of her friends came and they ran around the house playing with all of her toys.  AJ tried to follow quickly behind, but his little feet couldn't keep up.  It was a great party, but again, no cake for the little man :-).

Stay tuned for more posts - I still have Halloween to share, along with a very special trip to Sandpoint that Aaron and I took with great friends.  Then of course there will be Thanksgiving!

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