Friday, June 20, 2014

The first part of our Spring memories!

Addi participated in her first dance clinic and performed at half time of the Tri Cities Fever football game with her good friend Brianna.  They loved it and did a really great job!

The kids made a first attempt at hiking Badger Mountain.  We made it about halfway :-).

Easter weekend was spent in Wenatchee again this year.  Friday night we met my family for dinner at Godfather's (who doesn't love a pizza buffet?).  We always have a good time and the kids were spoiled by my dad and stepmom with early Easter baskets filled with candy and fun toys!  Saturday the kids went fishing with the Aaron, his dad, brother and cousin - I think it was a tad chaotic, but the kids had fun!  Church was much more pleasant this year, than last (read about it here) - the kids made it through the entire service and afterwards we convened at Aaron's parent's house for gifts, an Easter egg hunt and a game of croquet - everyone was spoiled and had a great time!

Mother's Day weekend started out with an overnight stay at The Wildhorse Resort & Casino.  We did this a few years back and had a great time.  This year we started with a movie at their movie theater, then followed that up with a few hours at the pool.  We got DQ for dinner and had popcorn and m&m's for dessert!  The kids are already asking to go back.

For Mother's Day I held a brunch at my house with my mom and my sister and brother's families.  I can't remember the last time all of us were together under one roof - good food and good laughs were had!

Fun trip to the park...

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