Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh, the pink blanket

Otherwise known as the pink "bwaintit."  Addison is in love with her pink blanket.  In the picture below, she has just grabbed it after being without it ALL day at daycare.  This blanket reminds Aaron and I of  the good ol' days with "Woo Woo."  Woo Woo was Addi's extremely large stuffed dog - larger than her, in fact.  She couldn't say the word dog when she started becoming obsessed with it, so instead she called it Woo Woo because dogs say woof woof.  This dog traveled everywhere with us... car, daycare, bathroom, high chair, etc.  But one day big ol' Woo Woo went bye-bye - Addi puked on him and I wasn't about to spend time washing it all out (it hadn't been the first time).  I plan on going through some older pictures soon and when I find one of Woo Woo, I'll be sure and post it!

So now it's the pink blanket... I wonder what will be next?

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