Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer activities and updates

We've been very busy, but no more excuses, it is time to provide updates and post pictures!

July 4th weekend:  We had a much needed relaxing 4th of July weekend!  We stayed around the house, enjoying the hot weather and spending time with the kiddos.

July 9th weekend: We gathered up the kids Saturday morning and headed to Monroe for a surprise birthday party for Aaron's brother.  A lof of family and Pat's friends made it out for the bbq/party.  Addison's cousin Abby was there and she had a blast playing with her all day, or should I say bossing her around all day :-). 

The following week Addi went camping on the coast with Aaron's parents.  I thought she might get homesick, but I was absolutely wrong!  She loved fishing, swimming, hiking and doing crafts.  3 of her girl cousins went too - no rest for Bob and Gwen!!

We met up with Addi that weekend (the 15th) in Sequim for the annual Priesto Golf Scramble.  This tournament and bbq is in memory of Aaron's uncle Jim who passed away a few years ago.  Aaron and I golfed on Saturday - I actually played well - and then had a good time visiting with family at the bbq.  Aaron's cousin Tina and her girls watched the kids while we golfed.  AJ loved being held all day and night by doting family members :-).

We finally had another relaxing weekend at home this last weekend!  Here's a few updates on the kiddos:

AJ:  He is crawling like crazy!  He even stands  up next to the furniture and walks along it.  He's been brave enough to use one hand while standing and even let go a few times, but he's pretty wobbly when that happens, so it doesn't last long.  He shakes his head "no" and says mama and dada.  He's quite the climber as well - he climbs up stairs and onto the fireplace.

Addi:  She is gearing up to start preschool next month!  She's so excited!  Her vocabulary amazes me everyday.  She uses words that we didn't even know she knew.  But then again, sometimes I think she's 3 going on 13 with her sassy little attitude!  She's holding on to her independence, but is still mommy's baby at heart.

Enjoy the pictures...

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