Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Just a few weekends ago, Aaron and I packed up the kids to go to Wenatchee to visit family and to wish my niece Kelsee a Happy 18th Birthday!!  I was able to watch her cheer at an Eastmont football game (being there brought back so many fun memories from high school).  I can vividly remember the day she was born and it seems insane that she's already 18.  And she's beautiful!

I also had a great surprise the same weekend.  Aaron and my two sisters planned a special surprise birthday dinner with my family.  It was exciting to see everyone!  They even made a cake with a HORRIBLE picture of me on it.  My sisters gave me a great looking keepsake box decorated with family pictures and filled with letters from my family inside.  I waited to read most of them until our drive home on Sunday - of course I cried!

It was a great weekend!  I love birthdays!!

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