Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunshine in San Diego

A few weeks ago I found myself in sunny San Diego for the 7th Annual Sparks/Brandeberry Girl's weekend!  You can read about last year's trip to Seattle by clicking here.

Aaron's mom and her best friend Gail, took Taryn (Gail's daughter) and I on a fabulous trip to San Diego!  We ate at great restaurants, visited Balboa Park, went to a dueling piano bar, walked miles around the city, layed out on the rooftop deck, swam, visited Coronado Island, saw a movie, ran along the river and through the city, visited friends of Gail's that treated us to Sushi and an amazing view of the city, and basically had an amazing time!  One of my favorites was the dueling piano bar and of course the yummy italian dinner in Little Italy.  And I can't forget the AMAZING french apple pie I had at Extraordinary Desserts - I still crave it at night!

It was a fun time catching up with Gail and Taryn and spending quality time with Gwen - she truly is a wonderful mother-in-law!  Not many daughter-in-laws can say they have such a great mother-in-law :-).  She not only loves our children unconditionally, but she treats me as if I was her own daughter.  We have a very special relationship!  Thanks for a fabulous trip Gwen!

Enjoy the pictures (they are not in order)...

Balboa Park

View from our condo

Balboa Park

Hot tub time!

Little Italy

Dueling Piano Bar

View from breakfast


Laying out on the rooftop deck

Cab ride back from the dueling piano bar

Ferry ride out to Coronado

AMAZING french apple pie

Balboa Park

Balboa Park

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