Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A lot of fun and a little chaos

Aaron held his annual family guy's weekend at our house again this year (just a few weeks ago), so I packed the kids up and headed to Wenatchee for the weekend.  Thursday night we headed to Aaron's parent's house for homemade pizzas - the special part was that Aaron's aunt Pam and her granddaughter Abby (Addi's cousin and best friend) were also staying in Wenatchee for the weekend.  These two girls get along great, despite the 5 year age difference between them!  That night I was able to get away for an hour and visit my friend Brandi - much needed!

Fun with Grandma Gwen
Craft project with cousin Abby

Friday I dropped the kids off at my parent's house and went for a run with my friend Audrey, followed by a nice lunch by the river - it was great to catch up!  I met back up with my parents and the kids and enjoyed an afternoon of chit chat and watching the kids play with their 4 dogs, yes 4!  Then Addi went to a kid's concert with Abbi, Pam and Gwen, while AJ and I went and visited my dad and stepmom.  Addison and Abbi LOVED the concert.  They danced on the stage and even won a prize!  I had a great dinner at my dad's and watched him play on the stairs with AJ for over an hour - get that kid around stairs and he's in heaven!  We ended the night at my sister's house (Addi stayed with Gwen).

Hanging out with Papa Greg
Saturday morning and afternoon, my sister and I organized some stuff around her house and even got a workout in.  And again, AJ played on her stairs the entire time!  She made us a great lunch, then we headed to Gwen's for an afternoon nap.

The stairs at my sister's house
Saturday night the three of us headed to my friend Karissa's house for a St. Patty's Day dinner and movie night.  It was quite an interesting night - my precious little son gave me a run for my money that evening and Karissa was able to witness the hilarious events first-hand!  I will lay out the events in chronological order. Keep in mind Karissa's house is BRAND SPANKING NEW:
  • I found a screw in my tire on the way to Karissa's.  I had to go back to Gwen's and switch the car seats to her car, so we could get there on time (thanks Gwen for taking my car to Les Schwab).
  • Addison broke a glass over the countertop in the kitchen, resulting in tiny little chards of glass everwhere, also resulting in Karissa cutting her hand.
  • Her kids aren't allowed to play on the stairs, but that's all AJ wanted to do, so thankfully, she let them break the rules :-)
  • AJ bit the tip of a marker off and rubbed it on the carpet (she had to use carpet cleaner to get it out)
  • AJ nearly ripped a poster off the wall, luckily I was able to catch it
  • AJ threw his sippy cup down on the ground and the milk splattred all over the wall
  • AJ would not watch the movie in her new theater room
  • AJ only wanted to play on the stairs so we drank our wine at the bottom of the stairs
I finally decided that Karissa and I needed a drink, so we coralled the kids into Gwen's car and headed to her house to drop them.  And the saga continues (by this time I was sweating)...
  • I was so flustered that I put my kids in the wrong car seats.
  • I bought everyone shamrock shakes to make up for it (except AJ), but Addi gave him some of hers and he spilled it all over himself.
  • Abby gave him a cupcake to make him feel better and he broke it into tiny little pieces and threw it all over the floor of the car
  • I gave AJ Gwen's plastic water cup to make him happy and he broke the straw in half.
Okay, that was it, but at this point, I was so ready for a drink and the margarita and great conversation at Applebee's did the trick - so sorry Karissa!!

It was a fun trip, even with a little chaos thrown in there!


Karissa said...

Your list of events is so accurate and so funny to relive in text! I would do it all again, just glad we got to spend time together!

Sparks Family said...

Although it was hectic, I'm glad it was with you!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...
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