Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Easter recap and no more sleepless nights

It's been way too long since I've posted, so here's an update to catch everyone up!

Easter weekend we found ourselves back in Wenatchee for a weekend packed full of family visits!  We had an early Easter dinner at my sister's house Friday night, then Saturday we visited a local feed store that offered a pet zoo, horse rides and a mini Easter egg hunt.  On Sunday we went to church, followed by brunch at Aaron's parents house.  We all had a great weekend and even managed to meet up with friends and family for drinks late Saturday night.

The next BIG event in the Sparks household is AJ's new sleeping habits.  The week before Easter and including Easter weekend AJ was in a horrible habit of waking up for a few hours in the middle of the night to just "hang out."  This was wearing on us and so we finally decided to use the "crying out" method.  That same evening after we put him down and geared up for a long night, we heard a loud THUMP from AJ's room.  As we ran towards his room, he opened his door.  We were shocked, to say the least.  Our little man had jumped out of his crib.  We knew he jumped because Aaron put him back in to see what he would do and he literally hurled himself out of the crib, face-first.  We are so lucky he didn't hurt himself!!  We then took one side of his crib off and held him until he fell asleep, but then he found his way to our bedroom in the middle of the night.  The thought of him wandering around the house in the middle of the night is so scary!  The next morning I hit the internet hard googling ways to keep him in his room and together, Aaron and I decided to just lay his mattress on the ground and use door lever locks to make sure he stayed in his room - so now instead of a little crib that keeps him contained, he's got an entire bedroom!  The first night he banged on the door and cried for less than 10 minutes.  Fearing he fell asleep on the floor by the door, Aaron went to check in on him and found him in his bed, yes in his bed!  Since this story is already very long in length, I will sum it up to tell you it's been over a month since we moved him to the mattress and installed the door lever locks and he has willingly gone to bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, happy as a clam and has slept in to 6:15 at the earliest, and even 7:30 at times.  This from the little boy that woke me up around 4:45 nearly every day since he was born.  Let's just say we are VERY happy parents!!  Our life has changed!

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