Friday, November 16, 2012

A Birthday Not forgotten...

Poor Aaron...
In the midst of AJ's birthday celebrations and Halloween, his poor birthday gets overlooked, but it's definitely not forgotten!  This year on his birthday we got a sitter and went out to a nice dinner and drinks, follwed by a movie.  All of this was done, of course, prior to the Husky game that started at 7 that night!

Aaron also celebrated the weekend before his actual birthday while we were in Wenatchee.  His mom made him one of this favorites for dinner - seafood paella!

Happy 33rd Birthday Aaron - you are a great husband, father and man!  Thank you for working so hard to provide for the family and thank you for the endless games you play with the kids that get them giggling so hard - it's so entertaining to watch and such a sweet sound :-)

We love you!

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