Monday, November 5, 2012

The things she comes up with!

Our little girl has wanted a pet dog for some time now.  When we're on walks and she spots a dog, she always asks the owner if she can pet it.  When she visits my mom's house (they have 4 dogs), she carries them around the house and takes them on walks in the backyard.  I've even taken her to a few places around town that groom pets in a location so the public can watch.  So this request for a dog isn't just a phase - like the horses were.

We have been telling Addi that we can't get a dog because Aaron is allergic to them.  This is a true - he is allergic to some dogs.  We know we can get a hypoallergenic dog, but she doesn't need to know this :-).  The very biggest reason we aren't getting a dog is because we'd like to wait until AJ is older - that'd be like having 2 non-potty trained toddlers running around, making messes!! 

In the end, we should have told her that we wanted to wait, because the "allergy" story led to this hilarious conversation with her:

Addi (to Aaron and I):  I've thought about how we can get a dog.
Us:  How?
Addi:  Dad can move out and buy the house next door.
Us:  Well Addi, wouldn't you miss him?
Addi:  He can visit on Sundays.

Love that little girl!
She made little beds for her stuffed animals!

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