Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ride'm cowgirl

Before I post ALL of the holiday pictures and memories, I wanted to quickly fill everyone in on Addison's obsession.  I was going to write "latest obsession" but this has been around for quite awhile and I don't see it changing anytime soon.

Similar to any little kid, Addison loves it when we drive by horses, or any animal, for that matter.  One day while in Wenatchee, she went on a snake hunt with her grandpa Sparks.  They drove up Number 2 Canyon and looked for snakes on the road (they only look, no touching).  While up there, they came upon some horses in a barn and they got out to pet them.  Afterwards, she begged and pleaded to be brought back up to the horses.  Her grandparents even bought her toy horses and a barn for her room.  Back in the Tri-Cities, Aaron and I noticed that Addison was always asking about the horses in Wenatchee and always wanted to drive by the ones here.  I just happen to work with a couple that has horses (Shawnee and Levi), and they agreed to let Addison come ride one - she was in heaven!  This was still in the fall and she serisouly talked our ears off about her fun time riding Casey the horse for two months before I was comfortable enough to ask my friends again if she could ride.  So just a few weeks ago, wrapped from head to toe in snow gear (it was about 30 degrees), she was able to ride Casey again.  I haven't seen that girl so happy in her life!  Shawnee, Levi, Casey (the horse) and Paige (the other horse) have become daily topics of conversation around my house - Addison asks where they are, what they eat, if she can call them, etc.

For Christmas she really wanted a play horse and asked for it every time she sat on Santa's lap.  She also received two other play horses over the holidays, as well as a horse calendar that is hanging in her bathroom.

Since the obsession hasn't died down, we're thinking of throwing her a horse-themed 4th birthday party - she will be so excited!!

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