Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas (and lots of pics)

This last Christmas season was our busiest ever, but we enjoyed every party, every conservation and every new memory made!

The festivities began with my mom and stepdad's party the day before Christmas Eve. Even my Granny was able to make it! We met at their house for pizza and the kids had a blast opening presents and playing with their 4 dogs, yes 4!


The next morning we headed to my dad and stepmom's house for a delicious breakfast.  Usually this party involves sledding and snowball fights, but there was no snow this year - bummer!  There were lots of kids, so that meant lots of presents - it was chaotic, but a good chaotic.  Then the adults met up in the loft for our gift exchange.  Aaron and I were blessed with great gifts from my sister Amanda and my stepmom Mel.  I pulled the same stunt last year for the person I drew and shoved tons of $1 bills into a bottle :-)

Early that afternoon we took off from my dad's and headed over the mountains to Sequim.  2 kids in a car for 6 hours is not exactly what we would call fun, but we made it in one piece that evening to our next party - the Sparks Christmas Exchange.  Again, the kids opened more presents and the adults enjoyed a fun exchange as well.  By 9, we gathered up the kids and headed to Aaron's Grandma's house for the night - both kids fell asleep on the way.  WHAT A DAY!!!

So now we get to Christmas morning!  Addi put out carrots, cookies, milk and elf donuts the night before and was so excited to see them gone the next morning - and was even more excited to see her new toy horse waiting for her!  Then we headed off to church with the family.  Addison did amazing throughout the entire service, but I didn't witness it, I was too busy chasing AJ around the hallways and nursery!  After church we headed to Aaron's aunt and uncle's house for more kid presents and oh yes, another adult exchange!  We had a great time visiting with everyone and eating all the yummy food!  And again, everyone crashed on the way back to Aaron's Grandma's house.

So is that it?  NO WAY!  We did go back to the Tri-Cities, but our parties were not quite over.  The following weekend we headed back to Wenatchee for Christmas with Aaron's parents.  This was a less stressful weekend, but filled with just as many presents and food!  Everyone was spoiled and we just had an amazing time all around.  We even made it out for New Year's Eve with Aaron's brother, my sister and her boyfriend and a few others.  We had a great dinner at a new sushi place and then out for drinks at a few other bars.

So now, we're finally back home and settled in.  All the presents are put away (the old ones recycled), the decorations are put away, and we're ready to start the new year!

Next on the list... Addison's 4 year birthday party!!!

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Kim @ The Gab said...

You guys sure were busy!
Sorry it didn't work to meet up~
I loved see all the family pics...Addison is so funny. The last picture cracks me up.