Sunday, January 29, 2012

One stitch, two stitch, three stitch!

Our little tomboy was at it again...

Last Wednesday evening, the kids were with our niece Katie (she is our usual babysitter), and Addi tripped while running around and fell into the front door and split her forehead open.  Luckily, Aaron and I were just right up the street, so it didn't take us long to get home, check out the wound, and head to the clinic.  Addi cried when it happened, but was in a good mood by the time we got to the clinic - she just had one request... NO SHOTS!  The waiting room even knew she didn't want shots.  We tried to break it to her that shots were inevitable, but she wouldn't hear it.  The clinic got her right in, cleaned up the wound, strapped her down, and put three stitches in her forehead.  Sounds simple, right?  Absolutely not - she cried as soon as she saw the needle (numbing agent) and didn't stop until they were done stitching her up.  She even managed to get both legs and one arm out of the contraption that was holding her down.  I tried to keep her calm with promises of ice cream, but she would yell, I don't want ice cream!  Even the nurse promised her a lollipop, but she didn't want one of those either.  All in all the process was quick and as promised, we went to Baskin Robbins afterward.  So a little bruised up and three stitches later, she's doing perfectly fine and will now sport a fancy scar in the middle of her forehead, just like her mommy :-).

The tomboy comment earlier is so true.  Here is the list of Addison's "serious, but accidental" injuries since birth:
  • 5 stitches to her upper lip and inside of the lip; 13 months; fell into the coffee table while learning to walk
  • Front tooth pulled; 1.5 years old; fell onto tile
  • Welts; 2 years old; got into pepper spray
  • Concussion w/ partial skull fracture; 3 years old; jumped off the basketball bleachers
We love our little tomboy, but oh how she keeps us on our toes!!

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Kim @ The Gab said...

Poor thing! So scary. She has had quite the list of events...hopefully this will be one of the last!