Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let's do this... (again)

Last December I posted about the second journey of my weightloss challenge and I really had high hopes.  You know, it shouldn't be a surprise to me that dieting during the holidays is nearly impossible and that laying on my couch watching tv would be more desireable than working out, but it happened.  I managed to "maintain" over the holidays, but I struggled with having any motivation at all to workout or eat healthy.  Then January came and I thought I could start over, but the motivation was still lacking and fries were a number one priority. 

This brings me to today.  Confession: I've gained a few pounds back (obviously).  BUT, on the bright side, I feel like I've sort of "hit bottom" with being disgusted with my lack of motivation and the tightness of my clothes.  I felt this way back in July and that's what kicked me into gear then.

So yesterday while working out in the gym, I noticed a lot of posters around me promoting the Gold's Gym 12 week Challenge.  I've had family and friends participate in this in Wenatchee and had great results.  I grabbed a flyer and read it while I walked on the treadmill, getting more and more excited that this might be the motivation I need!  Basically you pay a small fee and they take before, during and after measurements and weight, and offer nutrition and fitness resources, but there is also money involved if you win.  I called Aaron to see what he thought and he said I could just pay him and he'd take all the measurements (he's quite the funny man).  He was supportive though, so I did it - I signed up!!

The Challenge officially starts today!  I'll basically try to follow the same nutrition/fitness plan I followed on my very first challenge.  Knowing that I will have to come in for "during" pictures will hopefully be the motivation I need.  Oh, did I mention these pictures are taken in my swimsuit??  AHHHH!

Here's to 12 weeks of success!!

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