Monday, March 21, 2011

Really Addi?

I hesitated posting about this particular incident, but so many people got a kick out of hearing it that I thought I would share it in the blog.

Last week at AJ's follow-up doctor's appointment (by the way, he's healthy now) Addison was hanging out with the nurse in the hallway and asked her if she could use the bathroom.  After a few minutes I stepped into the hallway to check on her and when she opened the bathroom door, she handed me a urine sample!  The nurse and doctor were standing by me and saw the whole thing - they couldn't help but laugh!  Addison has seem me give a urine sample in the past, so she when she saw the cup next to the toilet, she took full advantage.  The cup was half full and even had the lid on it - she was so proud of herself!  I, on the other hand, was embarassed and got the heck out of there!


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This is priceless!!