Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sick little babies

It's the saddest thing in the world to see my little babies so sick, but at times, it's inevitable.  Addi was recently sick with a fever and horrible cough.  The doctor put her on medicine and after two days of staying home with mom and dad (Aaron and I took turns staying home from work), she was a lot better.  We treated her and ourselves to a night out for pizza - it was amazing!

Then our poor little man got sick.  Even though AJ had been fighting a cough for a couple of weeks, he was always in such a good mood, and so I didn't really think to take him to the doctor.  Well, he had his four month check up last Wednesday and the doctor told me he had RSV - a respiratory virus and bronchitis.  I felt awful, but even the doctor couldn't believe how happy was acting.  He was smiling up at the doctor and giggling every time he'd touch him.  They gave me a nebulizer and told me to do 4 breathing treatments on AJ a day and then he also ordered a chest x-ray to see if the virus wasn't getting any worse.  There was also a second reason they ordered the x-ray - AJ has a sunken chest.  I guess this is common and he will most likely grow out of it, but for now, they are just going to watch him.  THEN I had him look at the patches of dry skin on AJ's body and he said he has excema.  Now I have to rub a cream all over his body to clear it up.

So this seemingly routine 4 month check-up turned into a scary situation with all sorts of problems!  But today is Saturday and the little man is breathing better and his dry skin is healing - things are looking up!

I did manage to get his 4 month stats though... 15.2 pounds!! Notice I only remember the weight because I was a little flustered!  When I find time, I will call the doctor's office and have them tell me all the other info.

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